Kid's are going crazy for Little Buzz

He is on a mission to travel around the world, discover new friends in exciting new places, all with the power of his Magic Book.

Little Buzz is an explorer and wants you to come along for the ride!

Through Little Buzz, every month your child will be transported to an exciting new place discovering a new culture, custom, and way of life.    

Join the club! Start getting your monthly reading boxes delivered today. 

What makes our book club different?

Little Buzz helps young minds think global!

Little Buzz transports us around the world every month.

Little Buzz dispels stereotypes.

Little Buzz teaches tolerance, compassion, kindness and respect.

Little Buzz encourages pride in our own cultural heritages.

Little Buzz promotes positive self-concept and self-identity.

Little Buzz delivers an engaging multicultural reading adventure to your home every month! 

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Little Buzz Visits these Historic  Towns and Nations

Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Harlem, NYC

and many more!

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